Global Stock Market Indices PE Ratio At a Glance – 10 January 2013

Market Indices PE Ratio for Major Stock Exchange globally.

December 2012 Month Global PE Ratio.

  • US: Dow Jones Industrial, S&P500, NASDAQ, Russel 2000
  • Europe: FTSE100, CAC40, DAX
  • Asia: KLCI, STI, HangSeng, ASX200, CSI 300, JCI, SET, KOPSI, NIKKEI 225


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  1. Your student

    Do you think that what Sunday times wrote on 20th Jan is true? STI PE LESS THAN 15 , start buying stocks, STI PE MORE THAN 25, start selling

  2. Marubozu

    Very very dangerous if you follow what the newspaper said. STI is a bucket of 30 blue chip stocks. STI PE is under 15 does not mean that individual stock is under value. Some of the individual stock may be super over value and start the down trend base on chart pattern. Cheap stock does not mean that you can buy because it can go lower if the stock is on down trend.

    Stock Investing is betting for future, you bet the company does well, have good earning then the stock price goes up. PE ratio is lagging number. BTW, Singapore is already in the recession for electronics manufacturing sector.

    Using past data to predict future stock direction is not a good method because this is all base on assumptions. Different people has different opinion and different assumptions. You have to analyse whether their assumptions make sense.

  3. picho

    could you share how you managed to get P/E for STI? I know the source is from Bloomberg but can you direct me to the link? Thanks

  4. Marubozu

    Not so straight forward to get the PE ratio from Bloomberg website. You have to create a portfolio, include STI index into your portfolio before you can see the PE ratio. Alternatively you can download Bloomberg Apps to your iPhone and check directly from there.

  5. Bowo

    STI PE ratio is so low compared to neighbours. Why is that?

  6. Marubozu

    Stock Market is irrationale so it is better to trade base on what we see. A lot of things we cannot explain in the stock market so why bother?

  7. success

    is it because singapore is having a lot of trading with Japan?

  8. Marubozu

    There are a lot of factors to affect the stock market. I am not economist and even economists also cannot predict the stock market future. That’s why I don’t really bother how it works. Most importantly I trade base on what the market tells me what to do, trade on what I see from the stock chart.

  9. success

    Thanks. sorry im a newbie in stocks.
    im interested in passively managed index fund. i found that singapore market is much undervalued if compared to malaysia.
    may i know how you get the figures?
    these are the figures i get from bloomberg today.

    FSSTI:IND Straits Times Index STI
    Last Price 3,272.80
    Market Cap 540.82 B
    EPS (ttm) (est) 308.64
    P/E (ttm) (est) 10.59
    Price/Book (mrq) 1.43

    is it correct? or do u have other source of market fundamentals?

  10. Marubozu

    Yes. You got it right from bloomberg. Do take note that this PE ratio is lagging number. STI now is really undervalue base on PE ratio from fundamental point of view. However, STI is at the market top from technical perspective and due for correction.

  11. Pupil

    Hi, is it possible to obtain the PE ratios for the individual sectors in singapore?

  12. Marubozu

    You can get it from SI but you have to pay for the subscription. So far I can’t find this Sector PE information for free. Let me know if you can find such free information in the internet.

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