China Animal Health – Nice Waves on an Up Trend

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China Animal Health seems like trading in Nice Waves on an Up Trend.  The wave pattern and support / resistance fit nicely on Fibonacci Fan and Fibonacci Retracement Levels. The Uptrend support (green line) fits exactly to Fibonacci Fan (purple lines) at 38.2% line. Whenever the waves hit this 38.2% lines of Fibonacci Fan (green shaded areas), the stock bounces off and form a new high.

Base on the pattern, it is predicted that China Animal Health may test the 38.2% lines at about $0.27. If the stock price bounces of this $0.27 support level, it will test the previous high of $0.36 and may possibly continues the “Waves Pattern in the Fibonacci Fans” if this $0.36 resistance is broken.

It looks attractive to me to enter at $0.27 with a potential upside 33% to reach $0.36 or even higher. However, it is important to wait for the candlestick pattern to reverse before entering the trade.

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