China HongXing: In Consolidation Mode

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China HongXing is taking breather now and consolidating at about $0.21 to $0.215. $0.21 which is also a 78.6% Fibonacci level, looks like a strong support. Current chart still looks bullish as 20D and 50D MA are rising very sharply and crossover the 200D MA recently. One negative point is the rolling PE of China HongXing is 43 which is over value. The stock price is running ahead of the stock fundamental. x-Dividend date is Sept 30, 2010.

Good for short trade for the time being.

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China HongXing: Breakout!

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China HongXing looks like breaking out from a Flag pattern with a spike in trading volume. The stock also breaks the 200D MA resistance which is also 50D MA resistance. Other technical indicators like MACD, Bollinger Band, Parabolic SAR, Stochastic, RSI show bullish signal. Also take note that 20D MA crosses up 200D MA, which is another bullish momentum signal. It looks like China HongXing is starting a bull run!

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