Weekly Inter Market Analysis Oct 9-2016

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SPY is currently forming a symmetrical triangle in a big Rising Wedge pattern. Symmetrical Triangle is a consolidation pattern until breakout. Keep an eye on on key supports:

  • Resistance turned support zone: 211-213
  • Rising Wedge immediate support: about 210
  • Previous Head and Shoulders neckline support: about 204.
  • Rising Wedge next support: about 200




VIX still stays below 15 – a complacent zone.



Sector Performance (SPDR Sector ETF)

  • Best Sectors: Financials (XLF) +1.66%
  • Worst Sector: Real Estate (XLRE) – 5.28%



SUDX (S&P US Dollar Futures Index)

SUDX broke out from the Symmetrical Triangle but immediately rejected at the support turned resistance at about 129.04 with a shooting star. Still need to wait for the confirmation of the breakout. Next FOMC statement on Nov 1/2.



FXE (Currency Shares Euro ETF)

FXE is still trading sideway and range bound. Have to wait till next FOMC statement on Nov 1/2 before we can see the next big move.



XLE (SPDR Energy Sector ETF)

Uptrend channel redrawn. XLE moves above 69.31. Critical support at 64.74 which has been tested for 5 times.



USO (United States Oil Fund)

USO broke out from Symmetrical Triangle but immediately rejected at the strong resistance with a Hanging Man with confirmation. Expect bearish reversal in the coming week.



TLT (iShares 20+ Years Treasury Bond ETF)

TLT broke 137.51 support and currently just resting on the next support at 132.5 with a Doji, indicates a pause in the recent down trend. Very interesting to see the sell down in TLT when SPY is moving side way.



GLD (SPDR Gold Shares)

  • GLD broke down from the support with a gap down. GLD is currently testing a 200D SMA support. Can this 200D SMA support hold? Take note that 200D SMA is still trending up.
  • Fibonacci Retracement level redrawn for GLD. Currently GLD is also sitting on the 61.8% Fibonacci Retracement Support.
  • Expect GLD to rebound from level.



Next Week Economic Calendar

Key events:

  • FOMC Meeting Minutes on Oct 13 (Thursday)
  • Crude Oil Inventory on Oct 14 (Friday)
  • Janet Yellen speaks on Oct 15 (Saturday)


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Platinum: Hitting Resistance?

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Platinum has been on huge rally for the past two weeks and currently hitting the previous support turned resistance, after forming a Hanging Man. If Platinum is rejected at this resistance, a Double Tops will be in formation. Can you spot the trading opportunity? Happy Trading!

Platinum ETF: PPLT, PTM, PGM, PLTM. Learn more about Platinum ETF here.

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