China Technology ETF and Stocks (NSYE & NASDAQ)

By: Soh YJ


There are 3 china focused technology ETF that is traded in NSYE and NASDAQ. (1) BCNA, (2) CQQQ, (3) KWEB and the sector weighting are as below:

ETF Summary

KWEB is the better long term investment for china technology ETF. Due to relatively lower expense ratio, higher average volume. However, the expense ratio is still considered very high when compared with US Technology ETF, XLK (0.13%).



Top 10 Holdings of the ETFs



Performance of Individual Stocks VS KWEB

The below shows the growth of KWEB and its top 5 holdings. For china technology sector it would be better to focus on individual potential stock for higher growth and avoid unnecessary expenses. Buying individual Chinese stock will have a higher growth rate compared to ETF.

Top 3 Holdings of KWEB

The intrinsic value is calculated using 2 stage DCF model- 10yrs

[1 CNY = 1.16 HKD = 0.15 USD]

Cross Profit, Operation Cashflow and Net income of Top 3 KWEB Holding

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