Since 2012, Kenny has spoken in many classes, teaching hundreds of attendees, from students, fund managers and businessmen to retirees, teachers, and even fashion designers. Kenny has also conducted many seminars and benefited thousands of investors by collaborating local and regional financial institutions. Here’s what his students have to say after attending his classes:


Investing in Singapore REITs Course:

  • Mr. Loh is a very friendly guy who is more than willing to share with us his knowledge. One good thing about his lessons is that he explains the terms so clearly that you do not need to have the technical background to understand. — Ernest Lim, Engineer
  • The REITs session is truly value-for-money. It offers attendee a simple and effective way to understand Singapore REITs investment without up-selling and hype like most typical property and investment courses out there. — Ignatius Lee, Director
  • I really enjoyed your informative presentation with profitable takeaway value and am happy to refer business to your upcoming REIT seminars. The price is very reasonable. I posted on the front page my weekly client letter which mentions your program on  — Bill Wermine, Licensed Fund Manager


Technical Analysis Class:

Mr KK Loh is a very knowledgeable and personable instructor. He is well organized and he focused on the strategies that are of critical importance. Really appreciate his willingness to share. In comparison, I felt that this is the most effective and valuable learning experience that I had. – Gavin Sim

Before attend this class, I’m just trading by my own feeling. Of course the result is not good. After attending Marubozu class, I learned how to trade the stock. I start to know how to read the price pattern and the psychology of the market. This will help me a lot to make a judgement to short or long certain stock. What I like the most is we don’t have to trade using indicator which most of the time very hard to understand and misleading. I also found the price is quite reasonable compare to other course in the market. I learn a lot from this course. I would like to recommend those new to trading or those want to improve trading result to attend this course. – Wong Kok Bin, Geotechnical Engineer

KK’s Momentum Trading was extremely insightful and useful for retail investors. Perfect for beginners or investors with some trading experience! – Melvin Kwan, Marketing Manager

“Mr. KK Loh was an outstanding instructor. I have been to many sessions and was taught a lot of theory which was no use to me when I tried to put it in practise . When I finished the saturday session, I was fully equipped to do trades on my own with trading plan. With Mr. Loh’s training, it all finally came together for me . Thanks so much! “ Marubozu is a great teacher because he demonstrates that he practises what he preaches , which is inspiring”  – Sorab Mistry, Retiree & Guest Lecturer

 “Marubozu explained the concepts very clearly and the hands-on sessions helped to reinforce the concepts greatly. Even though I had some prior knowledge in Technical Analysis, I still find the course very enriching and useful. Gives me knowledge and confidence to trade well.” – Anonymous

 “I’ve been searching for the better part of 15 years for a dependable investing guru. KK is that person. He explains things in simple terms and has both a knack and a passion for investing. I’ve taken several course from KK and after each one I was able to return home and immediately improve my investing strategy (in most cases drastically). KK doesn’t just hand out tips, he teaches how to fundamentally examine the market and make great trades. I just finished my last course with KK, and the amount of money I’ve made or saved as a result of his tutelage dwarfs the amount spent in course fees by a factor of about 10. I can’t wait to learn more from KK!” – Jim Patterson, Legal Counsel

“I think the course conducted by KK (Marubozu) was excellent. The small class size also allowed for fruitful discussion of the various stocks and trading strategies. KK was very clear in his explanations and helped us answer many of the doubts we had regarding Technical Analysis. I think this is the most effective and useful investment course I had ever attended! Thank you KK for your time and wonderful sharing!”– Chen Xin Tian, Lecturer

Very value for money – but it helps if student to have some basic background or trading experiences. The trainer is able to explain chart pattern with simpler term, make us understand them (so as to apply them) rather than just memorize them. – Anonymous

Mr Loh was very clear in his explanations. Whenever I had a question, he was always able to give clear and concise explanations, demonstrating his tremendous knowledge. He obviously is a part time trader himself and also very willing to share from his experience, not just give technical knowledge. – Li Siew


Fundamental Analysis Class:

This is my second course with KK and once again I am impressed. He is willing to share information gathered from his many years of experience. I think it would be perfect if the course is longer as there are so much information – Gavin

I have attended previous courses by KK Loh and I attended the fundamental analysis course yesterday as I wanted to complete my investment education. As per my expectations KK delivered what he does best: to teach the practical experience of investing which the student can immediately put into practice. Other courses I have attended go into theoretical explanations which have little or no practical value in the tough survival world of investing escpecially in this uneven economic landscape where novices are losing hard earned cash. I would strongly recommend investing aspirants to study under KK to improve their probability of winning .- Sorab

This course provides a systematic method of FA, including useful sites for news and economic data and the parameters to look for in a good stock. – Chee Wah.


Private Portfolio Review:

After attending Marubozu’s classes, we sought his help to guide us in a private  portfolio review.  His approach was relaxed, patient and supportive as he steered us beginners through the intricacies of stock analysis.  He also gave us many clear and useful pointers to follow up on our own after the session.
Marubozu’s competent, insightful and pragmatic guidance enabled us to escape significant losses just in time.  We are grateful for the very helpful tuition he provides.

 Koh’s Family