Singapore Presidential Election 2011

I hope everyone cast their vote carefully on the coming President Election. Can’t imagine how chaotic if the President challenges the Cabinet in the public when there is disagreement or interfere with the government policy….. Just imagine if you receive two different instructions from your father and mother, receive two different directions from your boss and the chairman… This will create tons of confusion to all Singaporean…. Really a Disaster!

We need unity to ride through the coming threathening global recession, we can’t afford to have divided voices or public fight from our politician leaders. We need the newly elected President to work closely with the government to ride through the storm and protect every Singaporean.

Cast your Vote carefully and this is not the time to let the emotion to affect your decision or teach someone a lesson. This is not the same as the General Election.

Disclaimer: I am not representing any political party or have any relationship with any presidential elects. I am just a normal Singaporean who worry about the future of Singapore especially the perfect storms are forming in Europe and US that will be going to hit us very hard soon.

Have a laugh at this comic! Cheers!

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