Wishing Everyone a Happy & Prosperous 2013 New Year

It has been 3.5 years since I started this blog. I did not expect I can come so far and my blog can last for so long. Many readers wrote me email asking me why am I setting up this website sharing all those knowledge and information to help other peoples? Huh! I am not that great and I did not expect things happen as what it is today. My original intention in setting up https://mystocksinvesting.com was to use it as my archive or library of stock market information, education articles or video, my stocks analysis for potential trades and current trades. Setting up information in the internet allow me to retrieve my information easily everywhere in the world as long as there is internet access, instead of bringing my computer everywhere to look at the stock chart.

Since I am doing for myself, it is no harm to share with others who are keen to learn about stock market. Stock market teaches me to be humble. It is important to be humble in the stock market because the market will decide how much profit she wants to give you and how much losses she wants to take away from you. The more I share the more I learn because it forces me to analyse the stock market in a more structured manner and enforce discipline in my trades.

There is no short cut and there is no free lunch in this learning journey. I always remind myself to workjhard, practice hard, stay humble and stay open minded to learn new knowledge and strategies. There is no right or wrong in the stock market and this is very different from what school taught us (e.g. 1+1 must be equal to 2, H2 + O2 must be 2H2O). As long as we have a flexible mindset, we still can make money from the stock market if we are wrong.

2013 will be an interesting year to me because one thing leads to another thing which I do not expect initially. I will be partnering a Financial Education consulting company to provide a Public Workshop to share my experience as part time trader who have a full time job. I do not know how things will turn out in future and how it affects my full time job, but I just need to do my best. No if, No But, Take Action & JUST DO IT! 

You can make money from the stock market



regardless of the market direction (bull or bear)








if you have good financial knowledge in stock market, 







understand Chart patterns










and candlestick patterns.








Don’t worry about the Bear Market because you still can make money if you know how to short the stocks in a bear market!

Lastly, thanks everyone for the support and wish everyone a Happy & Prosperous 2013 New Year.

Stay Healthy and Trade & Invest Safely!

With Best Wishes,


Jan 1, 2013

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  1. “There is no shortcut towards success.” I totally agree with you. But I never knew that there are no free lunches. LOL. As an old saying goes, take one step at a time and you will soon reach your goals. Let us keep going. Let’s do it!

  2. Marubozu

    When I first started, I hunt for those FREE seminars organised by stock broker firms, preview, wealth expo, invest fair, etc… at the end of the day I still do not know how to trade or invest effectively. It just won’t work by gathering so many jigsaw puzzles from everywhere with different background, different knowledge and different strategies which I don’t even know whether those things suitable for me. It only confused me by attending those free stuff until I signed up a proper Investing & Trading course which teach from beginning to the end of the whole financial knowledge and stock market. The courses I attended are really expensive but it is really worth it because it cut short my learning curve. More importantly I am able to learn properly through the steps by steps guidance. Now I am no longer attending those free seminars because I don’t find any value to me. It only continue to confuse a lot of people who look for free stuff. In addition, there is always “hidden agenda” or sales & marketing talks of those free seminars or previews.

    It is a good lesson to me that there is “No Free Lunch” in this world if we want to be successful.

  3. Peter

    I am impressed by your thoughts to share to all……. by your representation…… Yes, No if, No But, Take Action & JUST DO IT! , Because nothing is Impossible (I M POSSIBLE). If we have mind and interest , no one can stop us….

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