Google GOOGL Earning Play

Earning Release: April 16 AMC.

Objective: Directionless. Sell IV.

Option Strategy: Iron Condor: GOOGL June14 490/500/600/610


GOOGL Fundamental 

GOOGL Fundamental April16-2014

GOOGL Earning Estimate

GOOGL Earning April16-2014


GOOGL IV chart April16-2014

GOOGL IV Risk Profile

GOOGL IV Risk Profilt April`16-2014



Original Post by Marubozu @ My Stocks Investing Journey.

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  1. Marubozu

    Duration: 7 Day
    GOOGL drops about -4% after earning (about 527) and recover back to 546 after 7 days.
    IV drops from 0.3511 to 0.23
    %IV drops from 83.06% to 36.45%
    Net Profit = $94 (1 contract)
    Capital = $521
    ROC = 18%

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