Starbucks (SBUX): Good Buy?

Cautious: Don’t be misled by the Post Title!!

Starbucks (SBUX) has been on fantastic bull run for the past 3 years. Is it still a good buy now?

A few notes for myself:

  • Current price ($58.05) is also getting near to all time high of $63.23.
  • PE Ratio = 34.88
  • P/B Ratio = 9.95
  • Daily Chart 2/5 EMA crossed down and testing 20D SMA.
  • Weekly Chart Bearish Harami found at the top (near historical high resistance) and 2/5 EMA looks like going to cross down.
  • 10 years chart show a nice Parabolic Curve since the run up in 2009 (Yummy!!!)


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