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This week Top 10 REIT's Performance
Another good week for hospitality sector.
In view of the current market uncertainty and volatility, people are divided over its outlook and investment opportunities.

Regardless of the view you hold, we have in place a solution for you, including:

1. Market Recovery Portfolio Solution
2. REITs Portfolio Solution
3. Bespoke Solutions to fit your specific requirements
4. Non-Correlated Portfolio Solutions

One of the most frequent questions asked nowadays is “what is the best portfolio to navigate the present uncertain environment?” This comes after global indices fell on average by 30% in March only to rebound strongly over the next few months to present. This has left many unsure as to the direction of the next move, with investors more confused than ever as the market rebound comes amid recent weak macroeconomic data and rising Covid19 cases as economies reopen.

Given this, what does an investor do? Find out at the following webinar. Register at the below link (Invited by KENNY LOH):