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I will be interviewing the following REITs in the coming REITs Symposium. (1) United Hampshire US REIT (2) BHG REIT (3) Elite Commercial REIT (4) Ascott Residence Trust (5) First REIT. If you have any questions you want to ask the REIT's management team, you can send your questions to my email To register for the event, you can find out the detail here.
Yield spread (in reference to the 10 year Singapore government bond of 2.52% as of 29th April 2022) continued to tighten from 3.49% to 3.44%. The S-REIT Average Yield increased from 5.86% to 6.00%, but the increase in the Government Bond Yields offsets this Average S-REIT Yield increase. The yield of the REITs sector needs to increase to maintain the average yield spread of 4%. Amid all the negative news, S-REITs have been resilient and have one of the highest risk-adjusted dividend yields compared to other stock exchanges.