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Top 10 Weekly Performance dominated by Retail Sector.
Topic: Investing in Gold, too late or entering next phase of its Bull Market?

Date: 14 January 2021

Time: 8.00pm - 9.30pm


With gold unable to sustain a move above the US$2000 per ounce level, some are wondering whether this signals the end of the recent gold rally. Or are we still on track to experience the strongest up leg in a bull run which started a few years ago when gold bottomed out at just above US$1,000 an ounce. In this talk, we will not only look at the demand and supply aspects of the yellow metal, but also why buying shares of mining companies may be the best way to play this next phase of the bull market. In this session we will also look into whether bitcoin may impact gold’s safe haven position and many other questions relating to the precious metal.

Zoom Registration: (Invited by KENNY LOH)
Top 10 Performance for the week.
Are we at the end of the existing cycle or embarking on new post-Covid one? Why are markets so disconnected with the real economy? Have central banks effectively eliminated market risks or have they only just delayed the inevitable?
Today we live in a world which is harder and harder to reconcile from an economic versus financial standpoint. Years of money printing and artificially low interest rates, coupled now with massive post-Covid fiscal spending are keeping so-called risky assets buoyed despite seemingly lofty valuations and an economic backdrop that suggest otherwise.
So what does this mean for 2021? We believe that this dichotomy of views is best reconciled by looking at two time frames: the short- and long-cycles. Evidence suggest the former will likely continue to be in play especially as central banks surrogate their balance sheets, thus presenting investors with short-term opportunities. We call this “stretching the rubber band (even) further”. The question of “when and what” will exactly trigger a reversal is still the big unknown. But what is clear is that when it does happen, it will not in any way likely be an orderly normalisation as the consequences of years of misallocations will all come home to roost. (Invited by KENNY LOH)
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Hi friends! I will be sharing 2021 Singapore REIT market outlook at OTCS (online traders club Singapore) on:

/ 2021-01-26 (Tue) - 8pm to 10pm SGT (GMT+8)
OTCS Market Outlook 2021

* 2020 was an unprecedented year. Fastest market crash & recovery in history.
* Will the markets crash in 2021, or climb higher?
* Do you know where are the risk and opportunities in 2021?

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