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📈 The FTSE S-REIT index is currently range bound between 733 and 744. It is expected S-REIT Index will be moving sideway in consolidation until the FOMC meeting on Mar 21 & 22.

Chart and more detail can be found here:
🔥 Total Market Cap = S$96.84 Billion (decreased from S$98.76 Billion)
🎯 Average Price/NAV = 0.84 (decreased from 0.85) 🤤🤤
🎯 Average Distribution Yield = 7.70% (decreased from 7.33%) 🤤🤤
🎯 Average Gearing = 37.54% (increased from 37.38%)
🚀Average Yield Spread (vs 10 years SG Gov yield) = 4.21% (widen from 4.12%)
Topic: How to Protect Your Business & Legacy

Date: 14 March 2023

Time: 8pm - 9.30pm


Sow the seeds of hard work and reap the fruits of success. You have worked hard to grow and establish your business. How can you protect it from possible pitfalls? How can you preserve your business legacy for yourself and your loved ones? Join this webinar to learn more and various strategies.

ZOOM Invitation and webinar description:
I have a collaboration with Phillip Securities to create a REIT Managed Account whereby we will help to create a REIT portfolio and manage the portfolio for you under your own name. I invite you to join this webinar if you are planning to invest in REIT but do not know where to start.
Money and Me: S-REITs that will hold up well in an increasing interest rate environment
Singapore REITs have concluded their earnings season! Who were the winners and losers? And what does US Federal Reserve Jerome Powell’s hawkish stance on interest rates mean for REITs for the rest of this year?
Michelle Martin analyses these questions and more with Kenny Loh, REIT Specialist and Independent Financial Advisor.
About This Event
Ascendas REIT is a leading Singapore REIT that offers investors a compelling investment opportunity with its stable dividend payouts and potential for long-term growth.

At the webinar, we will provide an in-depth analysis of Ascendas REIT, covering its history, portfolio, and financial performance. We will also discuss the various sectors in which Ascendas REIT invests, including industrial, logistics, and data centres, and how these sectors have been performing in the current market environment.

Moreover, we will discuss the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Ascendas REIT's operations and how the company has navigated through this challenging period. We will also share insights on the potential growth drivers for Ascendas REIT, including the expansion of its portfolio through acquisitions and new developments.

At the heart of the discussion will be Ascendas REIT's dividend payouts, which have been consistently high over the years, making it an attractive investment option for income-seeking investors. We will provide an overview of Ascendas REIT's dividend history, payout ratio, and dividend yield, and how it compares to other REITs in the market.

Overall, this webinar presents a unique opportunity for Malaysian investors to learn about Ascendas REIT, one of the leading Singapore REITs with a strong track record of delivering consistent dividend payouts. By attending the webinar, investors can gain valuable insights into Ascendas REIT's investment potential, dividend history, and growth prospects, enabling them to make informed investment decisions.
About the Webinar
This monthly update provides a snapshot of changes in the Investment Marketplace. Join FA’s Monthly Market Insights, featuring Mr Sani Hamid, our Director of Wealth Management in charge of Economy & Market Strategy where he shares his thoughts on world events and a Q&A based discussion.
About the Webinar
Alternative investments (AI) are increasingly becoming a “must-have” asset class within an investor’s portfolio. In fact, surveys have shown that HNW investors allocate around 30-50% of their portfolio to AI such as in hedge funds, private equity, real estate, commodities etc.
While returns are a key driver to having such an allocation, the non-market correlated nature of many alternative investments is also becoming a major reason at a time when stocks and bonds elicit worries from being overvalued.

However, alternative investments often carry completely different risks versus traditional assets given the way they are structured and the type of instruments or markets they invest in.

This webinar will give investors a basic idea of what is meant by investing in AI products, examples of different types of AI and an understanding of the different types of risks associated with such investments.