I received many inquiries from my blog readers and my students asking me to help them to review their current investment portfolio. I have decided to conduct a Private Portfolio Review with a small fee.


  • Portfolio Balancing by Sectors
  • Stocks Analysis using Fundamental Analysis. I will point out whether the stock is fundamentally good or bad, whether have any upside potential, or whether over value or under value.
  • Trend Analysis using Technical Analysis. I will point out the upside potential and down side risk.
  • Setting up Investment / Trading Rules base on the risk appetite, tolerance and objective.



After attending Marubozu’s classes, we sought his help to guide us in a private  portfolio review.  His approach was relaxed, patient and supportive as he steered us beginners through the intricacies of stock analysis.  He also gave us many clear and useful pointers to follow up on our own after the session.
Marubozu’s competent, insightful and pragmatic guidance enabled us to escape significant losses just in time.  We are grateful for the very helpful tuition he provides.

 Koh’s Family


Drop me an email at if you are interested.

Disclaimer: I am not a certified Financial Advisor. I will guide you through the process through Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis, and point out important points for your investment decision making.  I will not make any Buy or Sell recommendation in the review, and responsible for any profit or losses.



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