Wall Street: The Speed Traders

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Robot, Machine and Computer Trading in Stock Market. So many retail investors throw their hard earned money into stock market without knowing who they are facing. Stock Market is a Zero Sum Game. If you are making money, someone has to lose money. Can Human beat the computer in terms of data processing, discipline and fast execution?

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Whole Foods Market (WFM) Iron Condor Earning Trade

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Chart from thinkorswim, get FREE chart here.

Original post by Marubozu from My Stocks Investing Journey.


Option Trading Strategy:

  • High IV before the earning.
  • Sell Vega by opening Iron Condor (45/50/60/65) one day before the earning release.
  • Close Iron Condor position after the earning release and volatility crush.

Trade Summary

  • Gross Profit = $81
  • Net Profit = $61 ($20 commission)
  • ROI (Net) = 7.9%
  • Duration = 6 days

WFM Iron Condor Trade Record Feb19-2014

WFM Chart

WFM Chart Feb19-2014

WFM IV Chart

WFM IV Chart Feb19-2014

WFM Fundamental

WFM Fundamental Feb19-2014

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