Epure International – Double Tops Formation

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Epure has formed a double top and probably will start the down trend and retrace back to $0.45 base on 61.8% Fibonacci Retracement by latest end Dec, 2009 (base on Fibonacci Fan).

Epure International is a Leading Water and Wastewater Treatment Solutions Provider and recently won a number of projects. Expect good earning in the near future the projects are completed and revenues are recognised.

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Capitaland DOUBLE TOPS formation – Down Trend started?

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A double tops had been formed on Capitaland indicating the trend reversal. In addition, all Standard Six Indicators are showing bearish convergence. Capitaland closed at $3.63 today with hanging man candle. Stock price broke the 20D & 50D MA support and at the lower end of Bollinger Band. MACD is very close entering bearish convergance at lower half, RSI & Stochastic are showing bearish convergence as well. All technical indicators showed that down trend is going to start. I am sitting back, relax and wait for the big correction before I long this stock. I hope I am right!

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