Simple Way to Short the Market

It must be damn boring if one does not know how to short the market and watching the market goes lower and lower everyday. There are many ways in shorting the stock market and buying SHORT ETF is one of the easy ways to ride on the bear market and make money out of it.

I did a quick summary on the Short ETF of US Major Market Indices.

Note: (-1x) means the price movement is inverse proportional of the index’s movement. (-2x) means the price movement is 2x inverse proportional of the index’s movement.


  • DOG: Short DOW30 (-1x)
  • SH: Short S&P500 (-1x)
  • PSQ: Short NASDAQ (-1x)
  • RWM: Short Russell 2000 (-1x)
If you want more excitement and bigger movement, you can buy Ultrashort ETF:
  • SDOW: Ultrashort DOW30(-3x)
  • DXD: Ultrashort DOW30 (-2x)
  • SDS: Ultrashort S&P500 (-2x)
  • SPXU: Ultrashort S&P500 (-3x)
  • QID: Ultrashort QQQ (-2x)
  • SQQQ: Ultrashort QQQ (-3x)
  • SJH: Ultrashort Russell 2000 (-2x)
You can find the rest of short ETF here.

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  1. Mr. Y

    Hi M,

    Just to update you. Most of the short counters here cannot be short in poems already.

  2. Marubozu

    Seems that many traders are in short position now.

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