Mapletree Logistics Trust Fundamental and Technical Analysis

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Mapletree Logistics Trust Fundamental Analysis base on April 20, 2015 Quarterly Earning Presentation.

  • Last Done Price = $1.13
  • Market Cap = $2.8 B
  • NAV = $1.01
  • Price /  NAV = 1.12 (12% Premium)
  • Price /  NAV (High) = 1.29
  • Price /  NAV (Low) = 1.15
  • Distribution Yield = 6.58%
  • Gearing Ratio = 34.3%
  • WADB = 3.6 Years
  • WALE = 4.3 Years
  • Occupancy Rate = 96.7%

Mapletree Logistics Trust Structure June27-2015Mapletree Logistics Trust Portfolio  June27-2015Mapletree Logistics Trust  Occupancy June27-2015 Mapletree Logistics Trust  Top 10 Tenants June27-2015Mapletree Logistics Trust  Diversification  June27-2015 Mapletree Logistics Trust  Geography Diversification  June27-2015Mapletree Logistics Trust WADM June27-2015 Mapletree Logistics Trust WALE June27-2015

Mapletree Logistics Trust Technical Analysis

Mapletree Logistics Trust June28-2015

Mapletree Logistics Trust has entered into bearish territory and starts down trend. Base on chart pattern, it does not make sense to accumulate Mapletree Logistics Trust at the moment because the stock price may go even lower in addition to the weak economy around the regions and near term interest rate hikes.


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