Genting Singapore: Beware of Big Sell Down!

Genting Singapore has been on a bullish trend for 3 months since end April. The rise in stock price has been very steep and it is very similar to the previous pattern (ie. very steep slope followed by a big sell down). In addition, Genting Singapore is very close the $1.30 resistance and present very limited upside opportunity. Will the history repeat itself and worth the gamble at this entry point? I think the shorties are gettign ready to short this stock. Let see…..

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    Las Vegas Sands’ Singapore casino CEO resigns

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    Written by Medeline Ting
    Friday, 28 January 2011 21:23
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    Tom Arasi, chief executive of Marina Bay Sands, the Singapore casino of U.S. group Las Vegas Sands (LVS.N), has resigned and will leave on Feb. 18, according to a memo seen by Reuters on Friday.

    A Marina Bay Sands spokeswoman confirmed Arasi’s resignation but declined to elaborate.

    Marina Bay Sands, built at a cost of US$5.5 billion ($7.03 billion), opened its doors last April. It US$242 million in earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation for the quarter ended Sept 30, Las Vegas Sands said on Oct 27.

    The U.S. casino group will report fourth-quarter results on Feb 3.

    GENTING’s share price has been under a lot of Shorties’ Pressure not Bulge Brackets’, none of the BANKS are selling their Genting shares, noting that Genting’s 4th Quarter Results will be Extraordinarily Higer than any of the previous Quarters, “big operators” have been shorting the stock to consolidate at a lower price in wait for the BIG WAVE. Results on the 18th FEB, any wonder why Tom Arasi, the chief executive CEO of Marina Bay Sands, biggest and one and only rival of Genting has resigned and will leave on Feb. 18? Brokerages and banks have been keeping their “BUY” calls even when the share price dropped 20cents in 1-2 weeks? Coincidental? Do note from the chart, Genting “always” dropped the previous 8-10days before the Significant RiseUp Rally of 20-30cents. The recent “bad air” surrounding Casino stocks involve STANLEY HO, the billionaire, and his fight with his relatives over his shares in the biggest casino stakes. Singapore “PUNTERS” or should we just call them “OPERATORS”, have been chancing on this MUCH NEEDED news to SHORT the stock so as to consolidate at a lower price. Genting is and will always be Punter’s favorite for it is easy to manipulate and retailer’s are always one step forward two steps back. CHINESE NEW YEAR what can we expect from Genting’s earnings? Where do people go during this 4days period but to try their luck? The BIG CHINESE NEW YEAR rally coinciding with GENTING’S fourth QUARTER results due later in the month is the catalyst to push the price at least to a reasonable range of 2.3 – 2.5 based on NAVs and BUY CALLS targets of DBS VICKERS, OCBC SECURITIES, KIM ENG, PHILIPS ranging from 2.5 to 2.7. Wonder why none of the brokerages issued any “NEWS” regarding Genting while still maintaining their BUYS even after a significant 20cents drop in 1-2 weeks? NONE of the brokerages but KAYHIAN are opposite BUYS. The recent price action has been the result of “syndicates of operational SHORTIES'” consolidations and accumulations. CATCH THE SHORTIES and FLY WITH THE BIG BOYS.

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    Genting is surely bringing a lot of money for investors…

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