Goodpack: Resistance at $1.67

Another round of sell off starts for Goodpack. Currently the stock is trading in a down trend where the trend resistance at about $1.67 (also the 61.8% Fibonacci Resistance & 50D MA). Although this stock is value stock but be reminded that DO NOT buy the stock which is on down trend unless anyone has deep pocket to hold. The stock is cheap but it can go even cheaper! This stock is in my watch list…. but I am NOT planning to long this value stock at the moment. I am SHORTING when the stock price get near to the resistance again!

Value Investors out there, DON’T HATE me! I pay my school fee to get myself educated on how to short the market too! But my coach DID NOT teach me to short value stocks! DO NOT FOLLOW ME because Value Investing teaches to BUY MORE using Dollar Cost Averaging Method. 🙂


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