STI: Fasten your Seat Belt! Storm Ahead!

STI has been holding well for the past few days. Is STI consolidating for the next bull run or quiet before the next big storm? Let’s look at the three key indices…

Dow Jones Industrial


S&P500 ETF (SPY)


What commonality do we see?

  • Head and Shoulders Pattern
  • Once the neckline is broken, sharp correction happens within one to two months.
  • All 3 key indices chart pattern are similar.
  • The LATEST Head and Shoulders has been formed and the neckline has been broken. Can you see what is coming?


Let’s look at STI. Is the chart look familiar?

Someone will tell me “Hey! The Head and Shoulders has not been formed on STI yet!”

True! But my reply is “Do you think STI can escape from this storm and go on the bull run?”


Bull or Bear supporters, feel free to comment!



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  1. Ricky

    Hi, I think we are in Bull consolidation. All government has paid expensive price for the last dip. We all cannot effort any double dip again, but if so then very great depression repeat again soon. Just my 2 cts, not buy or sell call.

  2. Anschluss

    I think the upcoming earnings season in the us is very important, will tell us if the states and Singapore can avoid the head and shoulders crash

  3. yap

    if everyone expect H & S to happen, it might not happen, like when everyone is bullish, market go down.

    now a lot of people are bearish, think market may go up first then decide to continue to go up or down.

  4. xprinz

    The government may have paid a big price, but how much more can the governments pay? Governments may have soften the impact but they might not have solved the issues. i would think that somebody, either consumers or governments has to become poorer before the bulls can start charging.

    anyway speaking of H&S, it seems to have happened before during the Great Depression:

  5. anschluss

    The STI will form the right shoulder in the coming week after hitting resistance at 2950

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