STI Week Ahead: Watch Out for Continous Sell Down!

STI has broken the 50D MA support today on the daily candle and also broke the 5W EMA support on weekly candle. The index is just sitting on top of 2,720 support. Breaking this support will send STI to 2,600 level. However, STI may start rebounding from this level depends on how US market close on the Friday. If Friday closes with bearish candle, next week will probably have more sell off.


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  1. Free

    US closed mixed.. Europe not down much either.. think there may be some rebound, but maybe not much as it may be countered with some selling as pple may still be uncomfortable with the situation in Europe and want to get out of their positions..

    its amazing with the situation in Europe things are still holding on together. in all of these we see what the “authorities” i.e. central banks, ECB can do. despite constant calls of collapse by analysts and economists, the system is still intact..

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