CurrencyShares Euro ETF (FXE) Trend Reversal

FXE has broken out from a Symmetrical Triangle and reversed to the uptrend. Wait for pull back to long.

Learn to trade Symmetrical Triangle breakout pattern.

FXE April30-2015

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FXE Fund Description

The CurrencyShares Euro Trust tracks the changes in value of the euro relative to the US dollar.

FXE Insight

FXE is an investor favorite among those who want to access the euro. For 40 bps, the fund holds physical euros in a deposit account. The simple strategy has attracted big assets, but“FXE is an investor favorite among those who want to access the euro”it’s not without its kinks. For one, the fund’s deposits are uninsured, leaving investors exposed to the default risk of the fund’s depository, JPMorgan. Secondly, all distributions and share sales of FXE are taxed as ordinary income, rather than the friendlier qualified dividend and long-term capital gains rates. Still, FXE is among the most liquid currency ETFs. Overall, FXE does an excellent job of providing exposure to the euro, and over the past year, it’s been a solid option for investors betting on the euro rebound. (Insight updated 06/24/2013)

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