Walt Disney (DIS): Breakout to Start Up Trend

Walt Disney (DIS) broke out from the $67.89 resistance recently and retested this resistance turned support level to start an uptrend where a “Higher High, Higher Low” uptrend channel is formed. DIS also show a Fibonacci Expansion pattern (0%-100%-61.8%) with price target at 161.8% FR level of $80.73.

DIS Chart

DIS Nov 17-2013

Chart from thinkorswim, get FREE chart here.

DIS Fundamental

DIS Fundamental Nov 7-2013

DIS Intrinsic Value

  • Operating Cash Flow = $9,452 Million
  • No of Shares outstanding = 1.79 Billion
  • Beta = 1.29
  • Discount Rate = 7%
  • Conservative Growth (12% for next 10 years), IV = $68.6
  • Moderate Growth (14.4% for next 10 years), IV = $76.62
  • High Growth Rate (17% for next 10 years). IV = $84.71

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Original post by Marubozu from My Stocks Investing Journey.

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