Singapore REITs Comparison Table for Dividend Investment – Feb 2013

  • Bad News – Most Singapore REITs are over value now and you are late if you want to invest now (without risk).
  • Good News – You are not going to get burnt if you know how to interprete S-REITs are overvalue and stay out of it.
  • Better News – If you know which REIT to pick and when to pick undervalue REIT during the stock market crash or correction. Timing is important.
  • The toughest thing to do is have to wait for the opportunity patiently.

Last comparison table of Singapore REITs. You can compare how the REITs become more and more overvalue for the past 1 year. Most charts are going up in one straight line which is scary.

Some readers requested me to conduct class to teach how to select a right REIT for dividend investing and explain the terminology of financial ratio of the above table. Please check out the class detail on REIT investing by clicking HERE (REIT Investing Class).

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  1. Jacky Feng

    Hi, I also have a reit sheet and is in the process of building a portfolio. Lets share our thoughts about this. Give me your email and I will share my online sheet with you. Cheers!

  2. Tommy Rendra

    Hi Marubozu,

    End of last year, I bought some REIT from Lippo Malls Indonesia retail Trust. I saw recent about their dividen payment.

    It says :
    DIVIDEND : 011012 – 311212 SGD 0.0019
    Record Date: 19 Feb 2013
    Payable Date: 05 Mar 2013
    and also say
    DIVIDEND : 011012 – 311212 SGD 0.0055 TAX EXEMPT
    Record Date: 19 Feb 2013
    Payable Date: 05 Mar 2013

    I don’t understand why one say about TAX EXEMPT, but the other did not say anything about tax. How much net dividend (after tax) we will get per unit of the Reit for the above case actually ?

  3. Marubozu

    Dividend should be tax exempted for all individual investor.

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