Genting Singapore: Sitting on the Support

Genting Singapore is trading on the down trend base on the current chart. Genting Singapore is trading below 20D, 50D and 200D MA.   Also take note that Genting SP failed to break the 20D MA resistance and turned down. Currently the stock is just sitting on the $1.87 support. Breaking this support may send the stock down to 61.8% Fibonacci support of about $1.78.

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  1. Marubozu

    yohooo!!! Break support and big sell down after Deutsche Bank downgrade Genting Singapore! Waiting for the bottom to cover my short position.

  2. Mike

    Good job my friend. Patience pays

  3. rutheun

    Has Genting SP bottom out? Interest is very high today based on the significantly high vol. ;D

  4. Marubozu

    I don’t think Genting has bottomed up at the moment, at least the chart pattern is not showing that. I am waiting to see whether $1.78 (61.8% FR support) can hold. If not, Genting SP will go towards $1.60 (50% FR).

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