Weekly Inter Market Analysis Oct 9-2016

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SPY is currently forming a symmetrical triangle in a big Rising Wedge pattern. Symmetrical Triangle is a consolidation pattern until breakout. Keep an eye on on key supports:

  • Resistance turned support zone: 211-213
  • Rising Wedge immediate support: about 210
  • Previous Head and Shoulders neckline support: about 204.
  • Rising Wedge next support: about 200




VIX still stays below 15 – a complacent zone.



Sector Performance (SPDR Sector ETF)

  • Best Sectors: Financials (XLF) +1.66%
  • Worst Sector: Real Estate (XLRE) – 5.28%



SUDX (S&P US Dollar Futures Index)

SUDX broke out from the Symmetrical Triangle but immediately rejected at the support turned resistance at about 129.04 with a shooting star. Still need to wait for the confirmation of the breakout. Next FOMC statement on Nov 1/2.



FXE (Currency Shares Euro ETF)

FXE is still trading sideway and range bound. Have to wait till next FOMC statement on Nov 1/2 before we can see the next big move.



XLE (SPDR Energy Sector ETF)

Uptrend channel redrawn. XLE moves above 69.31. Critical support at 64.74 which has been tested for 5 times.



USO (United States Oil Fund)

USO broke out from Symmetrical Triangle but immediately rejected at the strong resistance with a Hanging Man with confirmation. Expect bearish reversal in the coming week.



TLT (iShares 20+ Years Treasury Bond ETF)

TLT broke 137.51 support and currently just resting on the next support at 132.5 with a Doji, indicates a pause in the recent down trend. Very interesting to see the sell down in TLT when SPY is moving side way.



GLD (SPDR Gold Shares)

  • GLD broke down from the support with a gap down. GLD is currently testing a 200D SMA support. Can this 200D SMA support hold? Take note that 200D SMA is still trending up.
  • Fibonacci Retracement level redrawn for GLD. Currently GLD is also sitting on the 61.8% Fibonacci Retracement Support.
  • Expect GLD to rebound from level.



Next Week Economic Calendar

Key events:

  • FOMC Meeting Minutes on Oct 13 (Thursday)
  • Crude Oil Inventory on Oct 14 (Friday)
  • Janet Yellen speaks on Oct 15 (Saturday)


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Yoma Strategic: Doji at 20D SMA Resistance

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Yoma Strategic showed a Doji at 20D SMA Resistance. Wait for next candlestick pattern to short.

Yoma Strategic Aug 29-2015

Fundamentally Yoma Strategic may have cash flow problems in future as the company has built up inventory which may not be able to clear in future.

Yoma Strategic BalanceSheet Aug 29-2015

  • Last Done Price = $0.37
  • PE Ratio =18.59
  • PB Ratio = 1.01
  • Gross Margin (TTM) = 43.51
  • Net Margin (TTM) = 33.46
  • ROA  (TTM) = 5.9
  • ROE (TTM) = 5.77
  • Current Ratio (MRQ) = 3.91
  • Quick Ratio (MRQ) = 1.86
  • ** Check Net Operation Cash Flow carefully. Gross Margin and Net Margin looks good but Operation Cash Flow is telling another story.

Source: Reuters

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Goldmand Sachs (GS): At Critical Support

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Goldmand Sachs (GS) is currently At Critical Support with a Doji candle, indicates a pause in the recent sell down. If this support holds and there is a reversal candle, there is an opportunity of a Bullish trade with price target of $170 (next immediate resistance) and $175 (a significant resistance). If this support is broken, the sell off will continue. Next immediate support at $160 followed by a significant support at about $157.

Original Post by Marubozu @ My Stocks Investing Journey.

GS Mar-28-2014GS Mar-28-2014 (Long Term)

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