Starbucks (SBUX): Good Buy?

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Cautious: Don’t be misled by the Post Title!!

Starbucks (SBUX) has been on fantastic bull run for the past 3 years. Is it still a good buy now?

A few notes for myself:

  • Current price ($58.05) is also getting near to all time high of $63.23.
  • PE Ratio = 34.88
  • P/B Ratio = 9.95
  • Daily Chart 2/5 EMA crossed down and testing 20D SMA.
  • Weekly Chart Bearish Harami found at the top (near historical high resistance) and 2/5 EMA looks like going to cross down.
  • 10 years chart show a nice Parabolic Curve since the run up in 2009 (Yummy!!!)


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Apple (AAPL): Crashing Time?

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Apple AAPL has been running up like a rocket showing a Parabolic Curve pattern for the past few months. Yesterday AAPL daily chart broke 20D MA and weekly chart showed Three Inside Down bearish reversal candlestick pattern. Is it a crashing time for AAPL and time to take profit and run? If chart pattern always repeats itself, take a look at Dryship (DRYS) which had shown a similar Parabolic Curve previously. You make your own decision.

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Dryship (DRYS): Uptrend is Going to Start!

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Dryship (DRYS) is currently in a consolidation mode forming a Bullish Pennant Pattern from the weekly chart.

As for daily chart, DRYS rebounded from the 61.8% FR support and maybe forming a “Higher High, Higher Low” up trend pattern. 50D MA has just crossed 200D MA which is also a bullish signal.  Short term price target is $4.92 (161.8% FR) if DRYS manages to break $3.81 resistance.

As for the long term price target, you can take a look at the chart below and make your prediction! Historical High is close to $130! This chart is a typical example of how a Parabolic Curve looks like. Go up extremely fast and coming down as fast too! Do you think this stock worth the gamble for your retirement fund? If you believe history always repeat itself, you can do your calculation and looks at the upside potential. Good luck!

Disclaimer: This is my personal analysis and not a Buy or Sell recommendation to anyone. I held no responsibility for anyone profit or loss for any information shared here.

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