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Participating in stock trading may be intimidating for most casual investors and deciding on the right trades to make can be an impossible task. Experienced traders have the knowledge and expertise, but without any incentive there is no reason to share information with other investors. TradeHero aims to bridge the gap by providing a platform where anyone can make money from the financial markets, by subscribing to the expert trade feeds of top traders as guidelines for your real-life trades, or becoming a top trader and earning monthly subscription fees from other users who follow your trade feeds.

TradeHero is a stock market simulation mobile app that draws real-time data from 14 stock exchanges. Users are credited with a $100,000 starting portfolio and can make trades to create their own virtual portfolio. The app’s Leaderboards identify the most successful traders (known as ‘Heroes’) by their returns, and they are ranked by Exchange, Sector, Monthly or Quarterly returns, as well as overall returns.

Followers can subscribe, for a small monthly fee, to follow and receive trade feeds from their chosen Heroes via push notifications on their mobile device. These push notifications detail each Buy and Sell action of the Hero, allowing followers to receive expert trading tips and personal insight into successful investment strategies. TradeHero will share subscription revenue from followers equally with Heroes, thus allowing Heroes to monetize their trading expertise.
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