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Disclaimer: I am NOT a Stock Guru, I am NOT a certified Financial Advisor, I am NOT a registered Stock Broker. Whatever information I share is for my personal usage base on my personal Fundamental & Technical Analysis, understanding of Global economy and My Trading Rules. In NO WAY I am making any Buy or Sell recommendation on any stocks to anyone. I will not be liable for your loss and profit if you use those information to trade. You have to do your own research & homework before making any investing or trading decision. You must know what you are doing.


Sorry for making the above serious disclaimer because I encounter many people who like to blame when they lose money but do NOT want to take own responsibility. I did not point my gun to them to ask them to make buy sell decision. I don’t receive any commission when they buy or sell certain stocks and I don’t get any single cent when they make money. So, learn how to take full responsibility first before learn how to trade. Once the traders are in the trade, they are on their own and only traders themselves can help themselves.

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