Q3 REIT Earning Starts, Is It the Right Time to buy REITs?

We are entering into the REIT earning season now. 

The following are the Result Announcement Date for 3Q 2020 

  • SoilbuildBizReit (SV3U.SI) – 15 Oct
  • Keppel Reit (K71U.SI) – 19 Oct
  • Mapletree Log Tr (M44U.SI) – 19 Oct
  • Keppel DC Reit (AJBU.SI) – 20 Oct
  • CapitaCom Trust (C61U.SI) – 21 Oct BMO
  • KepPacOakReitUSD (CMOU.SI) – 21 Oct
  • CapitaMall Trust (C38U.SI) – 22 Oct BMO
  • Mapletree Com Tr (N2IU.SI) – 22 Oct
  • Mapletree Ind Tr (ME8U.SI) – 27 Oct
  • Mapletree NAC Tr (RW0U.SI) – 29 Oct
  • Frasers HTrust (ACV.SI) – 30 Oct
  • Frasers Cpt Tr (J69U.SI) – 3 Nov BMO
  • Frasers L&C Tr (BUOU.SI) – 6 Nov BMO

I have also conducted a Poll on my Telegram Channel and about 44% has a Bullish outlook.  You can join the Poll here for the latest result and check out the sentiment of your fellow investors. https://t.me/REITirement

It is expected the Q3 earning result is better than Q2 earning result after the re-opening of the economy. It is also expected the REITs will pay a higher dividend than the last quarter. Will this improvement of the DPU payout kick start the next bull run in the REIT index? If you have missed out the 1st bull run 40% bull run, This may the 2nd chance for the investors to invest in Singapore REITs before the share prices start to move up.

The following is the Q4 2020 S-REIT Market Outlook I have presented to 400- 500 investors for the past 2 weeks.

  • Singapore entered COVID-19 Phase 3 opening. Is this a good time to invest in REITs? 
  • “Be greedy when others are fearful” according to Warren Buffett. What are the opportunities out there in the REIT market now? Do you know how to identify them? Or are you going to miss the boat again?
  • I am organising a REIT course teaching investors to capture the opportunities in REIT before the next bull run on Sat 17 Oct, 9am – 5pm (Singapore time). This is the only one and the last one in 2020. 
  • This is a Physical F2F & Hands on Class since the circuit breakers ! As seats are very limited due to social distancing requirements, please register ASAP so as not to miss out this 2nd opportunity to invest in REITs at current COVID price.
  • More details and register for this classroom training at (Promo Code: KENNYLOHREITS for discount as my blog followers): 


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Kenny Loh is a Senior Consultant and REITs Specialist of Singapore’s top Independent Financial Advisor. He helps clients construct diversified portfolios consisting of different asset classes from REITs, Equities, Bonds, ETFs, Unit Trusts, Private Equity, Alternative Investments and Fixed Maturity Funds to achieve an optimal risk adjusted return. Kenny is also a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER, SGX Academy REIT Trainer, Certified IBF Trainer of Associate REIT Investment Advisor (ARIA) and also invited speaker of REITs Sympsosium and Invest Fair. 

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